About us

Juice Studios is an academy that provides education and fully equipped studios for music, photography, videography, digital arts and podcasting.

We have three recording studios, a photography/videography studio and a design office. In addition we have a large conference room, lecture hall and co-working spaces.

Our Mission

Our target group is POC youth. Juice Studios goal is to identify creative will and turn it into a skill and occupation for each talent. The purpose to boost life chances by empowering creativity.

We provide space to think creatively and the practical tools to create with such as technical gear, software and instruments. This comes along with workshops and lectures on the chosen art form. The skill development is interwoven with personal mentoring, networking with the industry of the chosen art form and courses in financial literacy.

Steps in our methodology:

Search & outreach

Identify talent and creative will

Provide space

Supply resources

Knowledge and skill development

Contact with the industry

Financial literacy


The project started in 2017 when hiphop journalist Ametist Azordegan moved to Rågsved and noticed the widespread desire to create among youth in the area. That was the starting point of building a music studio for local youth who wanted to create music. Soon it became clear that the studio was not enough. More and more young people from the area expressed their will to not only create music but also other art forms. Thats why Juice Studios came about to meet the need for creative empowerment.